Saturday, July 24, 2010

skate cities 2: melbourne

many say that melbourne and vancouver are similar cities in both lifestyle and climate. the same holds true for skateboarding. if melbourne's coffee, bars and music scene isn't enough for you, luckily there's heaps of sick skate spots to be found. from flat, wide streets to shred in the cbd to drains under most freeways to skateparks scattered around the 'burbs, it can all be found in m-town. although there are a fair few skate shops in melbourne, my personal fave is hemley skateboarding in fitzroy. my top five skatespots? prahran skatepark, the great petition, flemington drains, monash drains (above) and fitzroy gardens. yes, public transport sucks huge donkey dick in melbourne but it will get you places. the stations closest to these spots: flemington bridge, prahran, parliament, glenferrie/kooyong and jolimont/parliament. now that you know, get amongst it! oh yeah... that black sculpture in front of arts centre spire (forward surge)? definitely skateable... just watch out for the lip between the foam and metal sections, or else you could end up like hc with a dislocated shoulder!


  1. Melbourne and Vancouver are not at all similar for lifestyle or climate. whoever said that is full of shit. Van is WAY colder and wetter. The music scene isn't anywhere as good. There aren't any clubs playing decent electronic music and everything is closed up at 2am.. Melbourne wins. Van can still be fun and there are some totally rad peeps that live there. Everyone who lives there calls it no fun-coover.

    Vancouver has waaaaay better weed though.. and better sushi.

  2. ha, no fun-coover & stinktown (espanola), vic talks up the worst places.

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