Monday, August 23, 2010

canadian street skating

As part of the Red Bull Traffik Jam, Ryan DeCenzo joined the rest of traffic-gridlocked Toronto on his skate instead of a car. Peep this sick vid.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

H goes to China

ZIMBABWEdagger - i thought jamaica was famous for daggering.

UZBEKnature - Uzbekistan nature...

SUOMIaxe - Fiskars, the pride of finland.

SHANDONGonline - chinglish from a company that makes internet everything (fridge, microwave, toaster etc.)

noising - one of the many signs trying to tame the wild queues.

NIGERIApt - 'up to date', my arse.

NIGERIAname - they call him goodluck as he pulled the first successful scam

NIGERIAman - and his face...

EXPObear - I'm not sure if this is a panda but those hollow eyes are freaky...

DPKRnuke - why send UN inspectors, this shit is on show for all to see.

DPKRmotto - DPKR (North Korea), ha!

BRUNEIcannon - they also had them in the crocodile, goat and cow styling.