Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

stay tuned

we've got a few projects nearing completion, so expect some fresh (rad) content over the next week & just to liven it up a bit here are a few videos to check out if you've got time to waste.

Udachi and Jubilee - Smoke Rings (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Udachi on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

track em down #1

This is just me sharing some tracks in my recent downloads folder that I feel are worth a listen, but...
GFY isn't a music blog so instead of putting up download or stream links, I'll just say a word or 3 on the tracks and link to the blogs where I found them.

I plan on keeping the number of tracks less than ten but it's my first time and I got a bit carried away...

Acid Girls - The Numbers Song - fun indie-lectro, check the video-clip for this one

Enur - Calabria (Hot Pink Delorean Remix) - lite on cheese, heavy on grind

Sharam ft. Kid Cudi - She Came Along (Doorly Remix) - popstep from Doorly, solid, as usual.

Boris - Buzz In (Mixhell Remix) - grindin ghettotech

Lightshapers - Empire - psy-esque dubstep

Autokratz - Stay The Same (Deathface Is Different Remix) - crazy drums. it's different & it's rad.

p.s - how yuk is is the poop?!?!?!

the log blog...

let's say you have a friend... we'll call him "young jones."
now make a pit stop at home, before hitting a party after a mates gig.
tell young jones to wait in the taxi while you run inside.
arrive at said after party and have young jones explain what happened while you were inside.
for the explanation just view the picture...

Friday, September 4, 2009


you're scared too...

ch-ch-check it out son!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skatelab Happenings (part 2)

Hood Rich teaser
more pix dropping soon.

Blackboard Deck #1

Blackboard Deck #2

oh, and we got mad trash-lids, yo.

Skatelab Happenings (part 1)

a blank canvas

noone wanted to use their own blood, so we used some glossy red instead...

just a quick paint job here

more coming soon.

chill out... aww yeah!



GFY Hood Rich deck dropping in M-town tomorrow.
Pic to come.