Thursday, June 24, 2010

skate cities 1: vancouver

vancouver. home of canada's og skate shop, pd's hot shop -> birth place of slam city jam, the longest-running skateboarding event in north america held from 1994-2006. enough history, let's get to skating. you're bound to hear that familiar click-clack down the street 365 days a year as there's always a session to be had, even in the rain at the recently opened dry spot -> the beach has a park on the north end of the burrard bridge. 99% of skate shops are locally-owned with most having a mini-ramp or flat bar to sesh on. what more could you ask for? how about the skate plaza under the georgia viaduct, with the cambie hotspot within a single kick, push. canada's mecca of skateboarding. sk8 van city. 'nuff said.

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